More and more people are beginning to recognize the value of a well-bred and well- trained Fjord.  They are ideal horses for young and old alike, and can be used for riding (Western or English), dressage and eventing, driving, light draft, and farm work.  Their gentleness, versatility, intelligence, and good looks make them a wonderful horse for the entire family as well as a strong competitor in the show ring!

At Sorum Farm, we put a lot of time, money and effort into our Fjords.  Each horse is trained by experienced horse people and is fed top quality grain and hay.  Each horse's feet are trimmed by an experienced farrier 10 times a year.  Each horse is regularly wormed.   Also all pertinent vaccines are given on schedule in April of each year.  Most of our Fjords have been to shows and evaluations, and some also to training clinics. They have received very favorable comments and won many awards.

All of Sorum Farm's horses have outstanding pedigrees and are registered with the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry.






Quality Fjord Horses for Sale

Our Fjords have been selling as quickly as we've gotten them ready! Currently we have only one for sale.

SNF Lindy Mae
2008 Lovely
beautiful mare

SNF Rhodar
Athletic gelding








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