Our website has been updated, but the words on this page remain somewhat the same.  That’s because Sorum Farm remains committed to a standard of excellence in all we do for and with our Norwegian Fjords, just as we’ve done now since 1987.  That’s when we began importing our horses from Norway.

We were attracted to this breed because we loved its beauty, gentle nature, and versatility of use, and of course, just because it was Norwegian!!   Fast forward 25 years and we still feel the same way.  Fjord horses are awesome and amazing and we are proud to be raising them. 

We could tell countless stories of their intelligence, their playfulness and their sweetness.  We have seen the joy in our grandchildren as they interact with their favorites, and the very special, quiet nature the horses exhibit when the little ones are around them.  We have been witness to the birth of foals and watched in fascination and awe as the mare helped the foal and they communicated together so gently.  But most of all, we never dreamed of the magnitude of versatility we would experience with these horses. 

Our biggest achievement so far, was in 2007 when our smallest mare (13.3hh), SNF Maarta, ridden by Lauren Chumley, won a national championship in Eventing, a first for the Fjord breed!  Look for her pictures on this website.   We also saw the very handsome SNF Fjelde win several championships in dressage, and move up to compete at 3rd level.   Some of the most beautiful pictures here are of him.   The same thing happened with PCF Vidar who also has won Pony Club Championships. We’ve even done such things as performing an 8 horse quadrille with our Fjords.  And along with the above, we’ve used them for combined driving, trail riding, farm work, and parades.  And if you noticed a Fjord in the national TV ads for the World Equestrian Games, she was originally from our farm.  We are proud to showcase this wonderful breed in whatever way we can!

We invite you to look through our site, enjoy the pictures, hopefully learn something from the information, and then think about owning what we believe is absolutely the best horse out there!!

The Sorum Family



Neil and Ruth Sorum

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