We love hearing from our clients and receiving updates on the Fjords we’ve sold to them.  Here are a few of the comments we’ve gotten:

"There is just something amazing about these horses! They bring such joy and so many smiles."

“I’m just amazed by how calm she is at such a young age.  She is the horse of my dreams.”

“The best Fjord pony ever!  We’re having the time of our lives.  Thank you again for selling him to us”

“After riding your Fjords, I came away so impressed, both with their movement and temperament.  And what wonderful faces – just makes you smile!”

“We love our son’s new pony.  They are becoming best friends.  That pony is so forgiving and willing.”

“Our Sorum Fjord is just wonderful.  Our 5 year old rides her often.  She always takes care of her riders and is a great friend to our other Fjord too.  We love her and think very highly of your farm.”

“Just wanted to tell you that our Fjord from Sorum Farm is the sweetest horse that God ever put on this earth.  He is such a laid back horse.  I can see how and why you chose him for me.”

“I rarely make business recommendations, but have recommended you and your Fjord farm to anyone interested in buying a Fjord.”

“I can’t believe these Fjords.  I can do more with them than any other horse I’ve ever had.  It’s great!”

“After much searching around the U.S., I finally found the perfect horse at your farm.  He has become my best friend!”

“We love getting up in the morning because we have 2 beautiful Fjords to go see and care for.  They are such a joy in our lives.”

“The best and favorite horse in a big stable full of many horses!”

“We love bringing her to the therapeutic riding center.  She is so reliable and is, of course, everyone’s favorite!”

“ He is doing just great with his training and we look forward to using him in some demos and performances.  He will do well, and besides that, he’ll be the cutest horse there!”
















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